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The Intent

Rhivive is a clothing brand focused on art, inclusivity and a reflection of my personal journey since 2019. The intent is to push the boundaries on what is expected from traditional tie-dye, using original dye techniques as a way to tell my story. 

I designed, bound and hand-dyed each piece - a true labor of love. Each drop is inspired by a step in my journey. 

Rhivive Collections & 1-of-1 dyed garments represent revival and renewal, and the idea that no matter our age or phase of life we are still capable of growth within ourselves. In life we are often stretched, twisted, bent, and pushed to places we never thought we'd go. Often, the end result is more beautiful than how we started and always worth it. 

The Logo

Inspired by the first sunset I encountered when I moved to Los Angeles. I landed at LAX, Uber-ed to my new apartment and popped a bottle of champagne with my best friend, Mo. She insisted we go to Malibu for my first sunset as an Angeleno, so we headed to Point Dume to celebrate. As is customary, she caught a photo of me with a perfect L.A. sunset – oranges, reds, and purples bursting in a pink sky, over an ocean that never seemed to end. It was a moment that marked the beginning of one of the most transformative periods in my life thus far. The logo represents the sunset in Malibu. 


Point Dume- Malibu, CA, 2019. 

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